A Head Full of Ghosts by Paul Tremblay

” A Head Full of Ghosts ” by Paul Tremblay is a horror satire novel originally published in 2015.

We follow Merry Barrett as she talks about her childhood having to grow up with a potentially possesed older sister and the television show that was made about the sister’s exorcism .

This book just doesn’t work for me . The satire elements feel dull and the horror is watered down to the point that they may as well not be there . It would probably work better if it didn’t name drop better books/movies/tv shows every 5 pages and cut out the blog parts entirely . Of course , the book would only be 4 pages long . I don’t like writing negative reviews so I will add that the unreliable narrator aspects work well in some parts especially towards the end . This book came highly recommended and maybe that set my expectations too high . You might like this , just not for me . Much love to y’all , have a good day .

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