Rosemary’s Baby by Ira Levin

” Rosemary’s Baby ” by Ira Levin is a horror story published in the late 1960’s .

Rosemary moves into an old New York apartment with her struggling actor husband named Guy . The apartment building has a terrible history though involving murder and witchcraft which makes Rosemary a little nervous . Add on to that , the nosy neighbors , ( Roman and Minnie Castavet ) are constantly bothering her , and the strange noises she hears at night … you can understand if she is having trouble adapting to the new place . Things begin to look up though , Guy gets a good role in a Broadway play and Rosemary gets pregnant . With the news of her pregnancy getting around , the neighbors begin to take an even bigger interest in her life , becoming almost possessive of her and her baby . As the pregnancy goes on , she starts getting cut off from her friends and family , gets really sick , and she becomes aware that the Castavets are not who they say they are .

This story is a classic . It’s a masterclass in paranoia based story telling with a hint of satire mixed in . You feel everything Rosemary experiences throughout the story and it keeps you sucked in throughout each twist and turn . The ending feels genuinely surprising and you should read the book at least twice to see all the signs . This was turned into a popular movie directed by Roman Polanski but I haven’t watched it myself as I don’t want to do anything that would give that dude money . So read the book , avoid the movie , that’s my two cents .

Rating : Legendary work

The Strange Island of Dr. Nork by Robert Bloch

” The Strange Island of Dr. Nork ” is a science fiction short story by Robert Bloch , originally published by ” Weird Tales ” magazine .

This story starts off with our narrator , a reporter , gets sent to an island and to learn about the mysterious Dr. Nork and what experiments he is performing there . The first thing he finds on the island is a bottle with a note in it stating ” To whom it may concern : Dr. Nork is a mean , nasty old thing , so there ! ” and the second thing he encounters is a talking ape ! Enjoy this tale of a mad scientist , zombies , and … comic books ?

This story is actually a parody of a story by H.G. Wells called ” The Island of Doctor Moreau ” and it is honestly one of the funniest things I have ever read . It knows how to play with expectations and subvert stock characters . The humor in the tale surprised me because the only other Robert Bloch story I’ve read to this point is ” Psycho ” which is a totally different type of story . It’s fun and creative , if you can find it then read it .

The Repossession Mambo by Eric Garcia

The Repossession Mambo is a science fiction novel by Eric Garcia that was released in 2009 .

The Story revolves around a former Repoman. What is a Repoman you ask ? I’m glad you asked . You see , in this future , virtually any body part can be replaced by something called an artiforg . These artiforgs have many health benefits but they do have a drawback or two . They are insanely expensive and if you fall behind on your payments , Repomen will come and collect those artiforgs back . Our main character is one of the best Repomen or rather he was , but now he is on the run from them . Throughout the story this man types up the story of his life where we learn about his time in the military , how he became a Repoman , his many marriages , his friendship with a fellow Repoman , his many hunts , and another runaway .

This has got to be one of the strangest science fiction novels of the 2000’s but it is a fun ride . The author has an odd sense of humor which is felt all through out the novel which I think is the primary reason to read it . Now this novel goes back and forth between the present and the past a lot … like it’s almost ridiculous . Normally I don’t care for that but the personality of the main character is just so interesting that I actually enjoyed it . If you’re looking for a macabre science fiction story with a sense of humor , check this out .

The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis

The Screwtape Letters is a Christian fiction novel with a tongue in cheek style written by C.S. Lewis made in the 1940’s.

The story is a series of letters from an elder demon named Screwtape to his nephew demon names Wormwood . Wormwood is an incompetent temptor asked with damning a British man known as  ” The Patient ” . Each letter contains detailed tactics  as undermining God and getting man to condemn himself , with an occasional observation of human nature and the Bible . The demons don’t seem to understand love nor do they believe in human virtue .

This is one of C.S. Lewis’s most popular stories and for good reason . It is the first Christian apologetic story that I’ve read with an element of satire . It dives deep into Christian theological issues , primarily dealing with temptation while keeping a healthy sense of humor . I’d recommend this to anyone with a taste for supernatural humor as well as for those looking for a more spiritual read.