The Tooth Fairy by Graham Joyce

” The Tooth Fairy” by Graham Joyce is a coming of age dark fantasy story . Originally published in 1996 , the edition I’ve read is a paperback and has 320 pages .

We follow Sam and his relationships with his friends and family growing up well … it might be slightly more complicated than that . You see , Sam can apparently talk to the tooth fairy and that tooth fairy is pissed about that fact . The tooth fairy is manipulative and crude but sometimes can be sweet . Tragedy seems to follow though as this story murder , maiming , and explosions .

This was a delightfully dark coming of age story . Sam is a nervous wreck throughout the novel and he captures that part of childhood beautifully . The tooth fairy is a fun and crude character with an air of danger about it . If you like fantasy or just want a good story about growing up , check this book out .

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