The Bride Collector by Ted Dekker

” The Bride Collector ” by Ted Dekker is a thriller novel . Originally published in 2010 , the version I’ve read is a paperback and contains 466 pages .

A genious serial killer is killing several women throughout the United states , leaving behind notes and bridal veils . Being stumped and short on time , FBI agent Brad Raines turns to a group of intelligent mentally ill patients at the Center for Wellness and intelligence . Brad is drawn to one of them named Paradise but his affection for her causes trouble . You see , the serial killer sees Brad as a rival and he also has eyes on Paradise . Can Brad save Paradise and stop the Bride collector ?

I have avoided FBI thrillers for awhile because they got repetitive after awhile . This novel was the perfect one to come back to the genre with . Well written , well paced , with well developed characters , you can say that Ted Dekker’s novel is …. Well done ! Please forgive me for that . The villain is intelligent and creepy , Brad and Paradise’s relationship is believeable , and the suspense is never sacrificed .

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