This Thing Between Us by Gus Moreno

” This Thing Between Us” by Gus Moreno is a horror novel . Originally published in 2021 , the version I’ve read is a paperback and has 251 pages .

Thiago’s life has been rough . From being from a poor family , to marrying into a family that looks down on him , to the death of his wife ( Vera ) , and now he is being haunted by a smart speaker named Itza . Try as he might , go where he will , Thiago can’t seem to get away . So let’s act like Itza and follow Thiago as he struggles with grief , guilt , anger , and a possibly haunted smart device .

Gus Moreno mixes tragedy and humor like a masterchef . It works the tone shifts a hell of a lot better than some of his contemporaries ( ” A Head Full of Ghosts ” comes to mind ) . This is a heavy , emotional book and if you’re okay with that then go ahead and read it .

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