The Mask by Dean Koontz

” The Mask ” by Dean Koontz is a supernatural thriller that was originally published in the early 1980’s .

Carol and Paul are a young couple looking to adopt a child but some complications arise . First , a freak lightning storm smashes the office of the lawyer who is helping them out and they lose their application in the process . Second , mysterious noises start popping up all around their house . Third , they start having intense nightmares . Paul hires someone to check out their house to find the source but they end up finding nothing and the man tells Paul a story about poltergeist . Carol ends up running over a fifteen year old girl who was wandering around in a daze . The girl is not seriously injured but she does seem to have a case of amnesia . Carol , feeling guilty , ends up visiting the girl often and they make a connection . The search for the girls parents doesn’t go well so Carol decides to bring her home with her and Paul . The girl starts to have nightmares as well and creepy things continue to happen around the house . Join this family as they endure a tragic tale dealing with fire , ax murder , possessed cats , and a killer game of Scrabble !

” The Mask ” by Dean Koontz is an intense a supernatural thriller as any other the author has written before. The characters are likable and the pace of the novel never drops . If you start reading this , you’ll want to finish it in one sitting . It’s that intense and it’s that good , read it folks !!!

Hell House by Richard Matheson

Hell House is a haunted house story written by Richard Matheson released in the 1970’s.

The story revolves around four people : Dr. Lionel Barrett ( a physicist whom also deals with parapsychology) , Edith who is his wife , Benjamin Franklin Fischer ( a physical medium who was the only survivor of a previous failed investigation into the Belasco House ) and Florence Tanner ( a spiritualist and mental medium ) are all tasked with investigating the Belasco House in Maine ( also known as Hell House ) by a dying millionaire interested in the possibility of life after death . Two previous investigations have failed and lead to the death of almost everyone involved by the way . The team doesn’t seem to get along well at the start and it gets worse throughout . The various hauntings becoming more dangerous and divisive .

This is a dark and suspenseful book . I cannot recommend it to those with a weak heart . If you’re strong though , I can’t sing it’s praises high enough . It is everything a haunted house story should be and more .