Star Wars : The Old Republic : Fatal Alliance by Sean Williams

” Fatal Alliance ” by Sean Williams is a science fiction novel set in the ” Star Wars ” universe and is a tie-in for ” The Old Republic ” mmorpg . Originally published in 2014 , the version I have is a paperback with 482 pages .

A mysterious cargo ship explodes and is aquired by the Hutts . The mystery behind it draws in the Sith Empire , the Republic , the Jedi , and a Mandalorian to investigate/ compete for it . The plot thickens as it includes mutiny , killer mutant droids , double agents , multiple battles , and family tragedy .

This is a fun but dark swashbuckling story . Not quite ” Game of Thrones ” but maybe as close to it as a ” Star Wars ” story is allowed to go . Not a huge fan of the game this is based off of but the novel kept my interest anyway so that says something . Would recommend for the more hardcore ” Star Wars ” fans but I’m not sure if the appeal of this story extends beyond that . May the force be with you !

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