Black Creek Crossing by John Saul

” Black Creek Crossing ” by John Saul is a supernatural horror novel originally published in 2004 .

The Sullivan family move into an old house ( at a discount ! ) in Roundtree , Massachusetts . The 13 year old daughter named Angel originally looks forward to the move because she was a social outcast in her previous school but she soon learns that the new school is pretty much the same as the last one when it comes to bullies . Even one of her cousins join in on the bullying . She does make a friend of another outcast named Seth . Seth tells Angel about somethings that have happened in Angel’s house and how the town thinks it’s haunted . Their choice to investigate these stories seals their fate in a tale with witchcraft , ghost cats , lightning trees , bullies , and tragedy .

I believe this is the first John Saul novel I’ve ever read and it will definitley not be the last . Our main characters ( Angel and Seth ) are so relateable and their experience in school at times mimics my own in such ways that I can’t help but be sympathetic . Witchcraft tales tend to be a hard sale for me , not sure why but they are . This novel uses witchcraft elements in a way that doesn’t feel out of character for our protagonist and also doesn’t interupt the flow of the story . There will be some stuff in this novel that people will find uncomfortable with so be warned but if you’re a frequent horror/ thriller reader you should be okay.

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