Them by William W. Johnstone

” Them ” by William W. Johnstone is a science fiction novel originally published in 1992 .

So let us meet Jake Silver . A genius but outcast whom deals with an abusive father . One day he meets a floating brain ( from space ! ) that communicates with him telepathically and promises him anything he wants if he helps the brain out . Jake also meets some rival floating brains ( also from space ) that promise him essentially the same thing . Jake’s choice leads to the destruction of friends , family , towns , and even aliens .

Yet another book I’ve picked up after seeing it mentioned in ” Paperbacks from Hell ” , I’ve got to say that it’s a mixed bag at best . Maybe it’s best to describe it as a dark comedy . I mean it involves floating brains taking over a city . However there is also incest , rape , torture , murder , etc . I don’t regret reading it but I also can’t really recommend it .

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