The Companion by Ken Greenhall

” The Companion ” by Ken Greenhall is a suspense novel originally published in 1988 .

Jillian Cole is a companion to senior citizens in their last few weeks of life till they ask her to end the pain . So yeah , she kills old people . Now she has found a new victim/employer but things are a bit different this time . The main difference is the family politics . The victim’s daughter decides she wants to help her mom out while her son is encouraging Jillian to do the ” job ” . Jillian doesn’t like the son and she also has grown affectionate towards her employer . The son decides to blackmail Jillian into it anyways … let’s see what she decides to do .

This was another book I read because of ” Paperbacks from Hell ” and it’s okay . That’s pretty much it . Not a must read but if you can find it cheap or at your library it isn’t a waste of time .

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