Demon Seed by Dean Koontz

” Demon Seed ” by Dean R. Koontz is a science fiction / horror novel originally published in 1973.

In the future everything in your house is controlled by A.I. and that A.I. is suppose to listen to you . Susan is not so lucky though . See her A.I. was taken over by another named Proteus and Proteus decides he is in charge . Proteus locks her inside for his experiments and because it’s obsessed with her . One thing leads to another and Proteus tries to make a baby with her . Want to see how this turns out ? Then come get ” Demon Seed ” .

I’m conflicted on how I feel about this story . It’s well written and has a creepy atmosphere but I think it was trying to be erotic . Hell , erotic is used in the description . Being straight with y’all , have no idea how to rate the erotic content . Mostly voyeuristic stuff and what feels like computer rape . So sexy … you sick **** . Do I regret reading it ? No . Koontz is a hell of a writer and his science fiction / horror hybrid style still shines through . But it’s not for everyone .

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