The Great and Secret Show by Clive Barker

” The Great And Secret Show ” by Clive Barker is a dark fantasy novel . Originally published in 1989 , I have a paperback version with 688 pages . It is the first book in Clive Barker’s ” Art ” trilogy .

I’ve tried multiple times to write down the plot of this novel but even within the first third it gets too hard to explain . So a scientist and a postal worker develop a formula that makes them essentially gods . They see each other as threats so they create armies out of fear and dreams . At one point they both become too weak to continue fighting directly so they father children to continue the fight . As all this goes on we got a semi intelligent ape , a priest stuck in a time capsule , and a dead comedian that leads to the apocalypse .

I know that description doesn’t make sense but trust me , it all ties in really well when you actually read it . Clive Barker is a master storyteller and it shines in this macabre fantasy tale . Read it !

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