The Pilo Family Circus by Will Elliott

” The Pilo Family Circus ” by Will Elliott is a horror/fantasy novel with elements of a dark comedy . Originally published in 2006 , the version I’ve read is a paperback that contains 300 pages .

A young man named Jaime sneaks away a velvet bag with a strange powder from a group of clowns . Jaime then starts getting death threats from the clowns , warning him that if he doesn’t do something they find funny , they were going to kill him . Desperate after assuming they killed one of his friends , he does pass the test by streaking in public . The clowns then decide to kidnap Jaime and make him part of the show . Jaime initially doesn’t want to be a clown but when he puts the face paint on his entire personality changes and he becomes JJ the Clown . JJ is a violent bully while Jaime is a pretty nice guy , it begins to look like they won’t be able to coexist . In fact , JJ is trying to kill Jaime so … Watch out !

This is simultaneously one of the funniest and creepy books I have read all year . Definitley a top 10 of the year so far . It has some serious Dr. Jekyl and Mister Hyde vibes . Stop reading this review and start reading this book … That’s an order !

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