The Green Berets by Robin Moore

” The Green Berets” by Robin Moore is a fictional book about the U.S. Army Special Forces during the Vietnam War . It was originally published in 1965 .

A civilian journalist ( Robin Moore himself ) wishes to write about the United States Army of Special Forces . They agree on one condition , the journalist will have to train with them . After training , Moore starts traveling with various Special Forces units in Vietnam . In this book you’ll learn about the different border conflicts going on during the time , the differences between the various Vietnese groups , the types of personalities that make up Special Forces and the missions that they undergo .

This book is a fascinating timepiece . It is written so well that you feel you’re right there . The author obviously loves these men , you can feel it on every page . The book is fiction only barely , it had to be billed as fiction because most of the missions written about were still classified at the time . It’s the perfect novel for American patriots . There was a loose movie adaption starring John Wayne that I would recommend as well .

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