Goldfinger by Ian Fleming

” Goldfinger ” by Ian Fleming is a spy thriller originally published in 1959 . It is the seventh James Bond novel by Ian Fleming the copy I got has 191 pages .

James Bond is on vacation in Florida trying to get rid of his gloom mood . He takes up a local job helping a man figure out how this Goldfinger fellow keeps beating him in cards . Bond finds out how and out cheats Goldfinger , takes some of Goldfinger’s movie , and Goldfinger’s secretary . Bond returns MI-6 and has an investigation opened on Goldfinger . Coincidentally , the bank of England also is investigating the same guy . MI-6 and the Bank join forces , sending Bond on a mission that involves assassinations , revenge , the mafia , a gang of insane lesbians , and all the classic James Bond action you could want .

What can I say about this ? It’s a classic James Bond novel written by the original author . The action is well done , Bond has an emotional depth to him that I think tends to get overlooked in most of the movies , a group of colorfull but still believable villains , Goldfinger is a master planner . Probably in the top 5 James Bond stories , an intelligent pulp spy thriller . The movie based on the book is not bad either but it did change a few things so keep that in mind . So buy it or pick it up from your local library … like right now …. Stop reading this and start reading the book !

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