Vague Plans going forward

Hello folks , just want to give you a small idea of what’s going on with this blog in the future . I don’t want to make promises so this is not a guarantee of anything . With all that being said …. the plan is putting up my first nonfiction review up sometime this month as well as another James Bond novel . Also thinking of making May ” Star Wars ” month . Fits the whole May the 4th be with you celebration , gives me enough time to write a good amount of reviews beforehand , and it’s a chance to reconnect with my childhood for a little bit . Already reading a few novels now .

Also since most of my reviews are already horror stories , been thinking that this October should specifically be gothic horror . Plenty of time to read and get a feel for them . It’ll be fun to check out some of the building blocks for our modern day horror stories . That’s what I originally planned on doing with this blog anyways so time to follow through on that .

Going to try and post more updates between reviews as well . Want to keep you informed and it’s a way to interact more with the readers . Let you know that I do have this website on my mind a lot even though I haven’t been as active on it . At any rate , everyone have a blessed day .

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