Deathwatch by Robb White

” Deathwatch” by Robb White is a thriller novel originally published in 1972 . The edition I’ve read has 220 pages .

A young Australian named Ben takes a wealthy man named Madec he doesn’t really know to go bighorn sheep hunting in the Australian wilderness . Ben doesn’t like Madec’s personality and wouldn’t normally do this but Madec promised to fund his education . Things go wrong almost immediatley . Madec is an impulsive and impatient man and he shoots at almost anything that moves . Of course , Madec ends up shooting someone by mistake . Ben tries to talk Madec into going to the authorities but Madec has other plans . Madec makes Ben strip and intends to force Ben to die in the desert to cover up the death of the other man . Ben has to use his wilderness know how to survive the desert and Madec .

This is a fun survivalist story . It’s a hell of a thriller . You’re rooting for Ben the entire time as the young survivalist and Madec is the perfect insane rich jerk trying to force his will upon everything around him . It’s a quick read , doesn’t waste your time . Buy it !

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