Confessions of a Puppetmaster by Charles Band and Adam Felber

” Confessions of a Puppetmaster ” by Charles Band and Adam Felber is the official autobiography of Charles Band .

Reviewing nonfiction is new for me so apologies ahead of time for the length/ quality . The book follows legendary producer/director Charles Band thoughout his life touching on growing up with a director as a father , Marilyn Monroe as a babysitter , his various relationships with surpisingly big names , the founding of Empire and later Full Moon studios , owning a castle in Romania , and so much more . He tends to wrap his biography around the films he was making at that point in time so you get some fun ( and occasionally worrying ) details about those movies .

Anyone interested in low budget film making , in Full Moon Studios , or just interested in stories of overcoming ruin time and time again should definitley give this a read .

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