Red Devil by David Saperstein

” Red Devil ” is a supernatural mystery novel by David Saperstein originally published in 1989.

In Cold War era Russia a mystery with possible supernatural forces is afoot . The Russian Premier Ivan Ivanovich Alexeyevich sends a KGB detective named Peter Ilyavich Somoroff to investigate the death of Boris Menoff while also continuing Menoff’s last investigation into a captain Valarian. Somoroff’s investigation into Valarian leads him into a strange web of lies, politics, antisemitism, murder, and Jewish mystics . Who is Valarian? What is his goals? Is he a threat to Russia? Could he be… Satan!?!

This book feels like a cross between a Robert Ludlum thriller and a Jewish exorcist. It is well written with twists and turns always leaving you guessing what’s going to happen next. If you can find it cheap I’d recommend it.

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