The Nest by Gregory A. Douglas ( Eli Cantor )

” The Nest ” by Gregory A. Douglas ( real name Eli Cantor ) is a horror novel originally published in 1980 .

In the small, old school , somewhat isolated community of Cape Cod something horrible is being unleashed from the garbage dump. Mutant cochroaches that eat anything resembling meat in their path. This includes rats , nudist hippies , cats , peeping teenagers , dogs , pastors , shipwrecked children , scientist , and so on . It’s up to what remains of the community to try and find the nest before the roaches consume them all and somehow prevent the mutants from leaving the island .

Confession time , this book was difficult for me to finish for I have a massive disgust/ fear of roaches . Just seeing one makes me want to vomit . If that costs me some masculinity points in your eyes I understand , please don’t use it against me . Can’t pin the exact moment that this happened but my closest guess would be that one scene in “Honey , We Shrunk Ourselves ” when they all end up in that roach trap . Bleh !!! Back to the book . Eli Cantor did a freaking amazing job in this story of killer cochroaches of recreating every nightmare I’ve had of these evil little fuckers since childhood . It feels like a Michael Crichton novel being adapted by Guillremo del Toro . Only recommend for those with strong stomaches .

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