Haunted Mesa by Louis L’Amour

” Haunted Mesa” by Louis L’Amour is a mystery/science fiction story originally published in the 1980’s. It is the last novel Louis L’Amour finished before he died .

Imagine that you’re looking for a nice little place to get away from it all , now imagine you found this place and it’s nicknamed ” The Haunted Mesa ” . Would you build your dwelling there ? Well, Eric Hokart did and now he has gone missing . He was able to send a letter before he did to a well known investigator called Mike Raglan . Mike does start investigating and notices some weird stuff going on . Mysterious beings in the desert , people in the area ignorant of basic human history/customs , stalkers , and a break in of the hotel room he is in . Read this tale that includes alternate realities , missing Native American tribes , giant lizards , sasquatch , gunfights , martial arts , and a confused sheriff .

This book feels like the ultimate Louis L’Amour masterclass . His knowledge of the old American West , Native American folklore , his experience as a pulp writer , all comes together beautifully . Supernatural mystery meets science fiction adventure with a taste of the western mixed in . If any of that sounds good to you then by all means give this a go .

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