Cycle of the Werewolf by Stephen King

” Cycle of the Werewolf ” by Stephen King is a horror novella originally published in the early 1980’s .

This novella follows a small town named Tarker’s Mills in Maine ( if you’re playing the Stephen King drinking game you know what to do right here ) over a period of a year once a werewolf starts making it’s presence known . You follow along as one murder after another raises the paranoia level of the locals , looking over their shoulders every full moon . Each month is essentially it’s own short story focusing on a different werewolf kill each time and how people are affected by it . Who is the werewolf ? Will the murders ever be stopped ? Come find out in Stephen King’s wild werewolf story.

This is a classic werewolf story , if you’re into werewolves there is no reason not to read it . Having a creepy American Gothic feel with a touch of dark humor and in a shorter story format it showcases the best of Stephen King . Also the artwork in it by Bernie Wrightson is spectacular , fitting perfectly with the writing . It was turned into a movie called ” Silver Bullet ” that I’ve not watched yet but have heard good things . American Gothic at it’s best people , read it , you’ll enjoy .

2 thoughts on “Cycle of the Werewolf by Stephen King

  1. I love the review and I have been a long time fan Bernie Wrightson, I think I even have a book of his collections from way back when, laying around somewhere.


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