” Shooting Star ” by Robert Bloch

” Shooting Star ” by Robert Bloch is a mystery / thriller story originally published in 1958 .

A former movie agent turned one eyed private detective ( Mark Clayburn ) is by an old friend of his ( Harry Bannock ) to investigate a movie star’s ( Dick Ryan ) death and to possibly clear Ryan’s name of scandal . Clayburn agrees because it is an old friend after all and he needs the cash anyways . Threatening messages start coming when the detective starts snooping about so not a whole lot of people are willing to talk and soon the situation gets worse . People who are seen meeting the detective start dying , the detective gets his ass handed to him , and the police start searching for our detective . Will the detective get his man/woman ? Can he clear his and Dick Ryan’s names ? You’ll just have to find out for yourself in Robert Bloch’s Shooting Star !

Another marvelous thriller from Robert Bloch . It combines 1950’s Hollywood , a one eyed private eye on a crusade , a reefer ring , and murder ! What more can you ask for ? It’s even got the perfect pun of a title ! If you like quick , well written , mysteries then buy it .

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