Pet Sematary by Stephen King

” Pet Sematary ” by Stephen King is a horror novel published in 1983 .

A young doctor and his family move into a new house inside Maine and and right outside a dangerously busy road full of speeding 18 wheelers working for the local plant . The new neighbor tells/shows them a place inside the nearby woods called the pet sematary . A place where local kids bury their dead animals and it’s suspected that a place just beyond there can bring animals back to life . Soon after the family cat dies and the doctor buries the cat in this secret place in an effort to spare his daughter the grief . It works ! Well , kind of , the cat comes back but everything about it is slightly off . The doctor asks his neighbor if anyone has ever buried a human in that place and this line of thought leads his family to doom .

” Pet Sematary ” is Stephen King at his storytelling best . A family drama mixed with native American mythology and a dose of gothic horror , it’s a dark and strong cocktail . Sometimes the dead are indeed better off staying dead .

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