Let’s Go Play At The Adams’ by Mendal Johnson

” Let’s Go Play At The Adams’ ” by Mendal Johnson is a 1974 horror novel .

A babysitter named Barbara gets drugged then bound and gagged by the kids ( Bobby aged 13 and Cindy aged 10 ) she is suppose to be watching . If that’s not bad enough , they invite three other kids ( John aged 17 / Paul aged 13/ Dianne aged 17 ) over to see . They start playing a game with the babysitter being used as a dill . Of course , that’s just a fancy way of saying torture .

This is not a pleasent book . There is rape , torture ( both mental/physical ) , murder , and you spend an awful amount of time in the babysitter’s head as she endures it . The trauma she goes through causes her to hallucinate at times and speak to variou people throughout her life . It’s a hard read folks and I wouldn’t recommend it for everyone but there is an important lesson to be gained from it . Don’t idealize people , don’t assume kids have innocence just because they are young , and especially don’t assume that they want to be seen as such . I bought this one after reading ” Paperbacks From Hell ” by Grady Hendrix .

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