Neuromancer by William Gibson

” Neuromancer ” is a science fiction novel written by William Gibson in the 1980’s .

Case was one of the best hackers around … till he tried to steal from his employer and they crippled his nervous system . Nowadays , he spends his time doing random high risk crimes . At least that is until he meets a mysterious new employer who promises to fix all that damage . All he has to do is hack into an immensely artificial intelligence program . There are a few things mixed in to make this more complicated . Like say frozen ninjas , street samurai , Rastafari , drugs , Yakuza , military black ops , and cyber cowboys .

This book is largely credited with creating the cyberpunk subgenre but to just say that does not give it enough and it’s legacy justice . After finally reading this book I’ve realized that basically all the 90’s and early 2000’s science fiction films have taken ideas from this book . The big one being ” The Matrix ” . Just goes to show that very little is truly original anymore but I digress . I recommend you read this book two or three times and see how many films/books/comics have borrowed concepts from it . It’s a good read for any science fiction fans .

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