Solaris by Stanislaw Lem

” Solaris ” is a science fiction novel written in the 1960’s and translated to English in the 70’s .

A psychologist named Kris Kelvin arrive at a planet named Solaris to study a mysterious ocean that covers the surface . Quickly things are revealed to not be quite right . One of the scientist on the station reacts weirdly to him when he arrives and then his wife appears out of nowhere . That doesn’t sound so bad you might say … until you realize his wife committed suicide years ago . Turns out , everyone else on the station is seeing dead loved ones as well . They believe it has something to do with the strange ocean surrounding them . Strap in for a science fiction tale that combines psychological horror and tragic romance .

I read this novel because it appeared on a list of stories that inspired the ” Silent Hill ” video game series and it sparked my curiosity  . At times this story gets hung up on technical details and it slows things down but overall I’d say give it a read . It’s a strong psychological story with an old school sci-fi vibe .

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