Horns by Joe Hill

Horns is a dark fantasy revenge story written by Joe Hill around 2010.

This story is told from the main characters ( Ig Parrish ) point of view . Ig Parrish has been a broken man since his girlfriend ( Merrin Williams ) was found in the forest with signs of being raped and murdered with Ig himself ( naturally ) being a suspect . He wakes sometime later to find that he is growing horns out of his head . That is not all he finds now though , it turns out that people are compulsively honest with him about their darkest desires and secrets . With this information , he also learns that he can get them to act upon those desires . Soon he figures out who the true killer is . What is one to do with all these gifts ? Get revenge obviously .

This is a revenge story with supernatural elements . Throughout the novel we learn more about Ig and Merrin’s relationship and that is where this novel shines the most in my personal view.  Most of the story outside of that is a neat concept but just doesn’t completely deliver on it . That’s not the main problem though , it’s mostly that none of the main characters are likable . Is it a bad book ? No . It’s written well enough , it just didn’t grab me .

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