The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis

The Screwtape Letters is a Christian fiction novel with a tongue in cheek style written by C.S. Lewis made in the 1940’s.

The story is a series of letters from an elder demon named Screwtape to his nephew demon names Wormwood . Wormwood is an incompetent temptor asked with damning a British man known as  ” The Patient ” . Each letter contains detailed tactics  as undermining God and getting man to condemn himself , with an occasional observation of human nature and the Bible . The demons don’t seem to understand love nor do they believe in human virtue .

This is one of C.S. Lewis’s most popular stories and for good reason . It is the first Christian apologetic story that I’ve read with an element of satire . It dives deep into Christian theological issues , primarily dealing with temptation while keeping a healthy sense of humor . I’d recommend this to anyone with a taste for supernatural humor as well as for those looking for a more spiritual read.

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