Vampires by John Steakley

” Vampires ” by John Steakley is a horror novel originally published in 1990 .

We follow a crew of vampires hunters led by the rockstar-like samurai enthusiast named Jack Crow and sponsored by the church . They are veterans at the job ( well, for the most part ) but after a particuarly nasty ambush in a small town the vampire hunters are now the vampire hunted … Sorry , it’s been awhile and I might be a tad bit rusty .

The plot is simple but it’s good . Jack Crow and his crew manage to be total badassess while maintaining emotional depth . John Steakley combines a main dish of Gothic fiction and pulp action with just a hint of the western for this fun dark tale . In short , it feels like it was tailored for me . It definitley feels like it came from the 90’s in the best way . Reading this , I was reminded of ” Blade ” , ” The Crow ” , and other great goth action films of the era . If you can’t tell , I like this book a lot . Give it a shot if you like vampire stories or just the 90’s goth scene in general .

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