Star Wars : Cloak of Deception by James Luceno

” Star Wars : Cloak of Deception ” by James Luceno is a science fiction novel set in the ” Star Wars ” universe right before ” The Phantom Menace ” . The edition I’ve read was published in 2001 and is 342 pages long .

This novel mainly follows Qui- Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi as they hunt down a group of terrorists believed to have tried to assassinate Chancellor Valorum . Along the way we also follow Senator Palpatine as he plays political games to gain more power . Also we get to see inside the inner workings of the Trade Federation and their relationship with the Dark Lord of the Sith .

If I had to describe this novel in one word , it would be smart . Luckily , for you and me , I’m not restricted to that . The way the author weaves the main plot and the side plots together is as smooth as my favorite peanut butter . The political machinations at play here are believable ( not really a requirement for me but it helps ) , the characters are all shown respect , and the author’s love of ” Star Wars ” shows on every page . If you were ever curious about what happened before ” The Phantom Menace ” or just a ” Star Wars” fan in in general , pick up a copy of this book . Trust me , you’ll like it . Have a good day and may the force be with you !

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