Earthbound by Richard Matheson

” Earthbound ” by Richard Matheson is a supernatural horror story published in 1989 .

The Coopers ( David and Ellen ) are going to a beachside cottage for a kind of second honeymoon in an attempt to save their marriage . Not long into their stay though things aren’t going right . It seems almost everytime David is alone a woman named Marianna appears and … well they have sex . Obviously not helpful but it gets worst . A neighbor comes by and tells David that Marianna is a ghost . He doesn’t believe this ( I mean you wouldn’t want to believe it either , bad enough to cheat on your wife while trying to save your marriage but to do it with a dead person is all kinds of Jungian fucked up .) but he does try to stop the affair because at the end of the day he does love his wife . Want to find out how a potential ghost takes rejection ? Come find out !

This is basically a love story with a haunted house backdrop . It’s a lot tamer than Matheson’s ” Hellhouse ” but that’s not a knock on it . Both are great . Dealing with themes such as lust vs love , the fragility of trust in relationships , and learning when/what to let go . What can I say ? A short haunted house story which manages to be both deep and entertaining at the same time , go get it !

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