Citizen of the Galaxy by Robert A. Heinlein

” Citizen of the Galaxy” by Robert A. Heinlein is a science fiction novel originally published in the 1950’s .

A young slave named Thorby is brought to the planet Sargon and is set to be sold at auction. He ends up being bought by a beggar named Baslim whom ends up training Thorby to be like him. Baslim sees Thorby as a son and proceeds to school him in multiple studies as well as helping Thorby deal with his past as a slave. Slowly Thorby begins to realize Baslim is more than a simple beggar. In fact, Baslim is a spy and he eventually gets caught and killed leaving Thorby on his own. Will Thorby escape Sargon? Will he get the information Baslim was gathering into the right hands ? Let’s find out together in Robert A. Heinlein’s ” Citizen of the Galaxy” !

You follow Thorby throughout this story as he goes through being a slave , a beggar , a spy , a trader , a soldier , and a businessman . Going from mentor to mentor learning about the different jobs and cultures he encounters throughout the galaxy . Honestly speaking , it is one of the most emotional science fiction stories I’ve read in awhile. If you’re a science fiction fan or just someone looking to read a drama about a young lad learning his place in the universe I’d recommend this highly .

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