The Nanny By Dan Greenburg

The Nanny is a suspense novel written by Dan Greenburg that was originally published in the 1980’s .

The story revolves around Phil and Julie as they live in an apartment in the city ( in order for them to be closer to the advertising agency Phil works for ) . They have a baby together and things start going wrong almost immediately . Julie seems not to be able to produce enough milk , the baby might have colic , neither of them can rest , etc . So they end up hiring a nanny named Luci Redman . Luci starts off real uptight and basically takes over the house . Phil threatens to fire her after a little bit so Luci ( at least superficially ) loosens her control of their lives . Phil doesn’t trust her completely though . She baths with the baby , her references don’t wish to speak about her , and he thought he saw her breastfeeding the baby . Did he see what he thought he saw ? Why won’t her references speak about her ? Who is Luci Redman ?

This is a fun story that pairs suspense and humor . I’m not going to say it’s a must read but it’s a solid story with a few pages of nightmare fuel thrown in just when you start feeling comfortable . If you can find it cheap and are looking for a quick/fun read , I say pick it up .

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