The Black Master by Walter B. Gibson

The Black Master is a crime fighting pulp story featuring the old school radio and pulp hero known as the Shadow ,written by Walter B. Gibson ( as Maxwell Grant ) in the 1930’s .

This story starts off with a bang … as in terrorists have set off bombs in New York under the control of the mysterious Black Master . New York calls in a world famous criminologist to help but our own dark hero ( The Shadow ) is already on the case . The Shadow sends out his agents to keep watch over and protect a troubled wealthy man whom he believes to have a connection with the Black Master but it’s not as easy it seems . The Black Master seems to be able to go blow for blow with The Shadow when it comes to mental prowess and The Shadow ends up being captured at one point .

Will The Shadow be able to escape this trap ? Will we ever learn the identity of this Black Master ? What is The Master’s end goal ? Who knows what evil lurks in the heart of men ? The Shadow knows !

This story is pure pulp gold here . Mystery , destruction , a deadly vigilante , and a clever criminal with violence all around . Some of the twists are predictable but that doesn’t stop it from being a fun ride . I got my copy for about five bucks and for that price it’s practically a steal . Check it out if you can .

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