The Howling 3 by Gary Brandner

The Howling 3 is a horror novel written by Gary Brandner published in 1985 .

The novel takes place a year after the village of Drago was burned down . A small group of police find a teenage boy in the woods named Malcolm . He is sent to the hospital and placed under the care of a psychiatrist ( Dr. Holly Lang ) . They quickly take a liking to each other but there is a couple of problems . One: Dr. Wayne Pastory kidnaps him to experiment on him in a secret clinic in order to discover more about werewolves and two : Derak , the head living werewolf , also wants Malcolm . Eventually Malcolm escapes and joins a carnival . He becomes the star attraction and things are going relatively well for him but it just wasn’t meant to last . Dr . Pastory and Derak both find him again and it leads to an epic showdown .

I really enjoyed this one . You can read this one without reading the other two and still understand what is going on . There is some torture involved in this story so if you can’t stomach that , don’t read it . If you’re okay with it through , enjoy this dramatic tale of friendship versus heritage .

The Little White Trip: A Night in the Pines by Peter Joseph Gallagher

The Little White Trip : A Night in the Pines is a horror novel written by Peter Joseph Gallagher , self published in the 2000’s .

Five high school graduates ( Matt who is ” writing ” this story , Dura , Sam , Ian , and Julie ) win a trip to a cabin and a ski lodge on a mountain in Arizona . Something is fishy though , on the way over there they arrive at the wrong cabin and are told that the cabin that they are suppose to go to once housed a brutal murderer that was never caught . They doubt it at first but when they get to their cabin things get creepy . They look in the basement and find a photo of the killer and his family . The next day , all of them ( except for Sam who stays at the cabin ) go skiing together but when they get back Sam is gone and the car is wrecked . What happened to Sam ? Could this killer still be alive and killing today ?

This story is told from Matt’s point of view and that is what helps this story a lot . There is a growing sense of paranoia as the story goes along and it likes to throw its twists throughout . This feels like one of R.L. Stine’s ” Fear Street ” and I mean that in the best possible way . Old clichés given new life with fun plot twists . Read it folks .

My Journey Through Horror Fiction

Since this is October , I have decided to take this time to talk briefly about my personal journey through reading horror . Horror has almost always been apart of my reading habits . I started the way most 90’s and early 2000’s kids did … reading R.L. Stine’s ” Goosebumps” series in secret at my elementary school ( ” The Haunted Mask ” sticks out the most. ) . From there , I took the next obvious step and started to read R.L. Stine’s ” Fear Street ” series .

Then one day in junior high I was introduced to Edgar Allen Poe through a story called ” The Tell-Tale Heart ” and was immediately hooked . It remains a personal favorite of mine to this day. From there on , I couldn’t get enough . My family made it a habit to go to the library or one of the book stores almost every week . Before junior high was over , I recall reading several collections of Edgar Allen Poe’s work ( there is a huge collection called ” Edgar Allen Poe Complete Tales and Poems ” released by Fall River Press that I bought at Barnes and Noble for about eight bucks . It’s basically a steal at that price . ) , H.G. Wells ( ” The Invisible Man” , ” War of the Worlds ” , ” The Island of Doctor Moreau ” ) , Bram Stoker’s ” Dracula ” , Mary Shelley’s ” Frankenstein ” , Thomas Harris ‘s Hannibal Lector series , and Stephen King’s ” Needful Things ” . Of course , those are just some of the highlights .

In high school I came across a short story collection by Clive Barker called ” The Books of Blood ” and became a lifelong fan of the man’s work . Now while I read my first Stephen King novel in junior high , I wasn’t an instant fan . I read his stuff because it was basically required of all horror fans but I didn’t get into his work . That is … until I read his post apocalyptic novel ” The Stand ” . I consider it his greatest novel to this day and it helped me appreciate his writing a whole lot more .

Now outside of high school , I’ve come across so many great authors and stories that it would be impossible for me to write them all down but I feel like I should leave a list of recommendations . So here you go : Ray Bradbury ( Something Wicked This Way Comes ) , H.P. Lovecraft ( At the Mountains of Madness ) , R.L. Stine ( Red Rain ) , Clive Barker ( The Damnation Game ) , H.G. Wells ( The Island of Doctor Moreau ) , Edgar Allen Poe ( The Raven ) , Arthur Machen ( The Great God Pan ) , Robert E. Howard ( Pigeons from Hell ) , Michael Crichton ( The Andromeda Strain ) , Robert Bloch ( Psycho ) , Thomas Harris ( The Silence of the Lambs ) , Stephen King ( It ) , Robert McCammon ( Swan Song ) , William Peter Blatty ( Legion ) , William Hope Hodgson ( The Whistling Room ) , Richard Matheson ( Hell House ) , Dean Koontz ( Twilight Eyes ) , and Harlan Ellison ( I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream ) .

The Spider: Reign of the Snake Men by Emile C. Tepperman

The Spider : Reign of the Snake men is a pulp vigilante story written by Emile C. Tepperman ( as Grant Stockbridge ) and published in the 1930’s .

New York is in a bad way . The former police chief is locked up , store owners are being bullied by a group of people wearing the symbol of a cobra into buying protection , and the overall morale of everyone is down. The Spider is on the case ! Turns out this group of men might be connected to The Living Pharaoh and his sister , two of The Spider’s most fearsome foes . On top of that , the hood wearing cobra branded thugs are lepers . They terrorize a store that refused to yield and it leads to an epic shoot out .

This is the first ” The Spider ” pulp story I’ve ever read and I have to say that I’m definitely going to buy some more . It is pure pulp excitement and mayhem from start to finish . The story has a combo of great fight scenes , mystery , and a cool looking protagonist . What more could you want ?

The Nanny By Dan Greenburg

The Nanny is a suspense novel written by Dan Greenburg that was originally published in the 1980’s .

The story revolves around Phil and Julie as they live in an apartment in the city ( in order for them to be closer to the advertising agency Phil works for ) . They have a baby together and things start going wrong almost immediately . Julie seems not to be able to produce enough milk , the baby might have colic , neither of them can rest , etc . So they end up hiring a nanny named Luci Redman . Luci starts off real uptight and basically takes over the house . Phil threatens to fire her after a little bit so Luci ( at least superficially ) loosens her control of their lives . Phil doesn’t trust her completely though . She baths with the baby , her references don’t wish to speak about her , and he thought he saw her breastfeeding the baby . Did he see what he thought he saw ? Why won’t her references speak about her ? Who is Luci Redman ?

This is a fun story that pairs suspense and humor . I’m not going to say it’s a must read but it’s a solid story with a few pages of nightmare fuel thrown in just when you start feeling comfortable . If you can find it cheap and are looking for a quick/fun read , I say pick it up .

Casino Royale by Ian Fleming

Casino Royale is a spy novel by Ian Fleming originally published in the 1950’s . It’s the first James Bond novel .

James Bond is sent by M ( the head of the British Secret Service ) to play and win a baccarat game at the Royale-les-Eaux Casino in France with the goal of bankrupting Le Chiffre . Le Chiffre being a paymaster for SMERSH. Vesper Lynd is assigned to help Bond and Bond has a companion in the C.I.A. ( Felix Leiter) whom is also playing . Now Bond initially loses the game but luckily Felix lends Bond some money . From here Bond gets the win despite some attempts on his life but the story does not end there . The rest of the story involves kidnapping , torture , death , blackmail , double crossing , and suicide .

Something I’d like to point out is that this is a lot more realistic James Bond than the one used in a lot of the movies . He can lose , he doesn’t wisecrack after every kill , and he is overall a more cruel character . This novel is set at a good , fast pace with strong tension throughout . It’s one hell of an introduction for the character . If you like spy thrillers , or if you’re just interested in checking out the origins of one of cinema’s greatest franchises , I’d give this one a look at .

The Repossession Mambo by Eric Garcia

The Repossession Mambo is a science fiction novel by Eric Garcia that was released in 2009 .

The Story revolves around a former Repoman. What is a Repoman you ask ? I’m glad you asked . You see , in this future , virtually any body part can be replaced by something called an artiforg . These artiforgs have many health benefits but they do have a drawback or two . They are insanely expensive and if you fall behind on your payments , Repomen will come and collect those artiforgs back . Our main character is one of the best Repomen or rather he was , but now he is on the run from them . Throughout the story this man types up the story of his life where we learn about his time in the military , how he became a Repoman , his many marriages , his friendship with a fellow Repoman , his many hunts , and another runaway .

This has got to be one of the strangest science fiction novels of the 2000’s but it is a fun ride . The author has an odd sense of humor which is felt all through out the novel which I think is the primary reason to read it . Now this novel goes back and forth between the present and the past a lot … like it’s almost ridiculous . Normally I don’t care for that but the personality of the main character is just so interesting that I actually enjoyed it . If you’re looking for a macabre science fiction story with a sense of humor , check this out .